Technical Courses


  1. Introduction about technical analysis what is technical analysis? The basic of technical analysis
  2. Type of chart
  3. Introduction about chart, The various types of prices charts, Line chart Bar chart, Candlestick chart
  4. Trend lines
    • What is the purpose of drawing trend lines?
    • How to plot trend lines
    • Price action
  5. Candlestick study
    • Single candlestick pattern

    • Doji, Hammer & hanging man, Inverted hammer & shooting star, Spinning top ( bullish & bearish), Marubozu ( bullish & bearish)
    Double candlestick pattern
    • Bullish engulf & bearish engulf, Bullish harami & bearish harami
    • Piercing pattern & dark cloud cover, Tweezer top & tweezer bottom

    Triple candlestick pattern

    • Morning star & evening star, Three white shoulders & three black crows
  6. Support & resistance What is support and resistance? Change of support to support to resistance and vice versa
  7. Chart patterns and their study
  8. Four stages : accumulation, mark –up, distribution and panic liquidation

    Chart patterns

    • Head & shoulder ,Double top & bottom, Flag & pennant, Triangles, Rounding top & bottom, Cup & handle, Rectangles, Triple top & bottom
  9. Indicators and oscillators
    • What is indicator and oscillator
    • Leading and lagging indicators
  10. Moving averages
    • Simple moving average (sma),Exponential moving average (ema),Way to generate calls
  11. Risk
    • What is momentum? Overview, Way to generate calls
  12. Stochastic
    • Overview, Way to generate calls
  13. The down theory ,Principal of Dow theory & Golden rules for trading
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